The Society is deeply committed to cultivating future generations' love for choral music.  Our education programs teach, support, and motivate students who have a wide range of musical experience and awareness of the choral repertoire.
Choral Music Workshops
     The Oratorio Society of New York's workshops bring professional artists to New York City's underserved schools and are designed to develop a knowledge and appreciation of choral music.
     Students are introduced to the structure, historical context, and emotional impact of music specific to an upcoming OSNY concert. Each session is designed to encourage participation and discussion, deepening the students' understanding and preparing them for the direct experience of attending a performance at Carnegie Hall as guests of the Society. Free tickets are provided for students and chaperones.

Choral Scholars Program
     The Choral Scholars program provides paid apprenticeships for young students or recent graduates of vocal performance and choral conducting. These young singers are mentored by the Society to foster their leadership and choral singing skills in return for their vocal and musical support to the ensemble.
High 5 Tickets to the Arts
     High 5 provides tickets to NYC arts events to teens at a nominal cost. The Oratorio Society of New York supports this program—and its work to introduce the next generation of concert-goers the glories of choral music—by donating tickets to its Carnegie Hall concerts. 

More Information
     Educators requesting additional information about participation in these programs should contact the Oratorio Society at:
or write to:
     Education Outreach
     Oratorio Society of New York
     1140 Avenue of the Americas, 9th floor
     New York, NY  10036–5803