2018 Finals Concert, April 14, 2018
1:30 pm, Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall

Congratulations to the Semi Finalists of our 2018 Solo Competition

Elizabeth Baldwin
Amy Broadbent
Scott Brunscheen
Sean Christensen
Jesse Darden
David Diston
Colin Doyle

Anna Dugan
Zach Finkelstein
Brian Giebler
Allison Gish
Kristin Gornstein
Gon Halevi
Sarah Hawkey

Chloe Holgate
Aaron Ingersoll
Geeseop Kim
Jaeyeon Kim
Emily Marvosh
Andrew Munn
Heather Petrie

Christopher Richardson
Cairan Ryan
Meagan Sill
Devony Smith
Charles Sy
Boris Van Druff
Edward Vogel


Hear the next generation of soloists in concert as they compete for cash prizes. Pit your choices against those of the distinguished panel of judges.

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